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"MEN OF MERCY BREAKFAST SUMMIT  2018" IS COMING SOON:  Our next scheduled Summit is Saturday, June 16, 2018 Venue: Private, in  Montgomery, AL 10:00am CST (reservations are required) To pre-register for upcoming summits, or for more prominent information, select option:  3  when calling the  Resource Center: (641) 715-3800 Access Code: 69584  or email:  [email protected] For booking, registration and more prominent information call  our Worldwide Administrative Center(559) 670-1461 Ext. 2016  

"DOUBLE IMPACT  SUMMIT & RETREAT 2018"  COMING SOON!  Maximizing Financial Freedom! VIP  Partners' Registration  Available NOW ! Just click on our Double Impact Registration page OR for more information :

email:  [email protected]                               For booking, registration and more prominent information call the Resource Center: (641) 715-3800 Access Code: 69584 or our Worldwide Administrative Center: (559) 670-1461  Ext. 2018.